Dekdrum's gig on the Tumberleki drum at a Greek wedding.

June 16, 2014

Just received great feedback from our client! Dekdrum performed at Luminare in South Melbourne for a beautiful wedding. He was so excited to get out his beautiful Tumberleki drum (similar to a Darabuca drum.) 

Interestingly the darabuca drum (Israeli), dumbek (Turkish), Tumberleki (Greek) is a very similar instrument that goes by many names (respectivly in brackets above). Although playing style depends on which tradition you learn! For example, the Turkish way to perform a roll is with changing hands while the lebonese and "middle eastern" method is exicuted with fingers (finger by finger hitting the skin. The drum is played vertically, very different to bongos, congas, DJembe and other hand drums. 

Dekdrum can perform any style of percussion for ethnic weddings, corporate events and parties of any type. 

These include drumming performance for Greek, Serbian, Italian, Persian, Masodonian, Latino (latin), African, Spanish, Mexican, Turkish, Lebonese, Israeli and more. Dekrum can play most other types of specaility wedding - just send a message to the contact us section and happy to give you specilized tips! 

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June 5, 2014

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