Drumming has a history of making us dance to the drummer's beats

July 24, 2014

Drums and bass: making our bodies move since... forever!


Drums have been around arguably since the African race began – since then, they inspired movement amongst generations. Drums are a percussive instrument, when they are hit, they send vibrations into the room and naturally can get people smiling, due to the energy they and their player can bring as well as the endorphins from the player. David Dekdrum sure looks happy during his performance, because he loves what he is doing but also due to the endorphins built up from playing. Drumming can bring up ones mood and send one into a (legal) trance from repetitive motion.

Similar with dance, a dancer will dance to the drummer’s beat and also their music.  Within the Latino community, drums are heralded as the instrument that had inspired the dance adding to a fusion of European folk & African music along with spiritual music. Dekdrum hope sto inspire others to move, smile and will be enticing you onto the dance floor! below is one modern example of a dance crew, moved by drums and bass!


By David Dekdrum Kirsner. Master Percussionist



visit his page:  Facebook.com/dekdrum

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